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What Do We Mean By Quality?


Most Body Shops will tell you they focus on quality. So how is Auto Craft Collision in Kingsley Michigan any different?

We say we are all about quality and craftsmanship, but what does that mean? We desire to educate our clients on what quality Body and Paint Work should involve.


Here is a partial list of Quality Control items we will meet on your vehicle:

  • Every Bolt, clip, nut, or screw will be put back on your car in the proper place and tightened.

  • Proper corrosion protection has been applied

  • Unseen damage including bare metal spots will be repaired.

  • Doors and Windows operate properly

  • The Paint Matches

  • Interior trim will be installed securely with every clip that is suppposed to be there.

  • Plastic Shields under car have all screws in place.

  • Body fillers do not exceed 1/8 thick except in rare situations.

  • Body work is hand blocked to avoid waviness or ripples.

  • Primers are allowed to cure before painting, avoiding the appearance of sandscratches several weeks down the road.

  • Dirt, dry spray, and orange peel are removed in the finish.

  • All lights are operating

  • No overspray left on your vehicle.

  • Polishing compounds ( the yellow or white paste) are completely removed

  • There are no swirl marks in the paint.

  • There are no wind noises or water leaks related to our work

  • Gaps between panels are even and correct


We pledge to meet these standards. We provide a lifetime warantee on our work. (some exceptions may apply)






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